Friday, April 27, 2007

A Detailed European Itinerary

As my Mom requested that I send her a detailed itinerary of my travels, and I think its a brilliant idea to keep family&friends up to date on my plans, I thought I post my detailed itinerary with fun links (in color). Hopefully, I will have time to find an internet cafe to update it while traveling. Feel free to comment and add suggestions of things i should try to see along the way!

27 APR: San Francisco/New York City

Flight Info: American Airlines FLT178
Departs: SFO @ 1:15PM
Arrives: JFK @ 9:45PM
Lodgings: Uncle Charlie Flat in Queens

08:30am - Team Meeting @ Office
10:30am - BART from Berkeley to SFO Airport
12:00pm - Check-In: American Airlines FLT 178
09:45pm - Arrive JFK
10:15pm - Check Luggage: British Airways
10:30pm - JFK Airport Pick-Up (Uncle Charlie)
10:45pm - Late Dinner with Family

28 APR: New York City (USA) /London (England)

Flight Info: British Airways FLT182
Departs: JFK @ 10:45pm
Lodgings: British Airways FLT182

08:00am - Coffee & Bagel @ Dean & DeLuca, Rockefeller Center
10:15am - Presentation (Evolution of Mayan Language) @ AMNH
12:15pm - Lunch & Tour @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art
02:30pm - Wanderings & Early Dinner Mid-Town
6:30pm - Shuttle to JFK @ Grand Central Station
7:30pm - Check-In: British Airways FLT182

29 APR: London (England)

Flight Info: British Airways FLT182
Arrives: Heathrow @ 10:30am
Lodgings: Astor Museum Inn

10:30am - Arrive Heathrow
12:00pm - Tube from Heathrow to Astor Museum Inn
01:00pm - Check In: Astor Museum Inn
03:00pm - Tour @ The British Museum
07:00pm - Dinner & Tour with UCL Institute of Archaeology

30 APR: Cambridge/London (England)

Lodgings: Astor Museum Inn

07:00am - Rail from London to Cambridge
08:30am - Breakfast & Check-In
09:15am - Conference Presentations
11:15am - Presentation @ The Cambridge Museum of Archeology & Anthropology
12:30pm - Lunch @ King's College & Tour of Chapel
01:15pm - Conference Presentations
04:00pm - Rail from Cambridge to London
07:30pm - Orchestra Stalls Seating (E24) - Les Miserables

1 MAY: London (England)/Paris (France)

Rail Info: Eurostar #9036
Departs: Waterloo (London) @ 3:11PM
Arrives: Gare Du Nord (Paris) @ 6:53PM
Lodgings: Le Regent Montmarte

08:00am - Self-Guided Walking Tour of London
12:30pm - Check Out: Astor Inn
02:15pm - Check-In: Eurostar #9036
07:00pm - Arrive: Gare Du Dord (Paris)
07:30pm - Check-In: Le Regent Montmarte
08:30pm - Self-Guided Night Walk & Dinner

2 May: Paris (France)

Lodgings: Le Regent Montmarte


3 May: Paris (France) /Stockholm (Sweden)

Flight Info: Scandinavian Airlines SK574
Depart: Charles De Gaulle Apt (
Paris) @ 10:40am
Arrive: Arlanda Apt (Stockholm) @ 01:10pm
Lodgings: Ellen's Flat

07:00am - Check-Out: Le Regent Montmarte
07:30am - Metro from Gare Du Nord to CDG-Roissy (B3)
08:30am - Check-In: Scandinavian Airlines SK574
01:00pm - Arrive: Arlanda Apt (Stockholm)
02:00pm - Rail from Arlanda to Downtown Stockholm
02:30pm - Settle in @ Ellen's Flat
03:00pm - Henrik's Walking Tour of Stockholm and Dinner

4 May: Stockholm/Kristianstad (Sweden)

Rail Info: SJ Rail X 2000 521
Depart: Stockholm C Station @ 6:20am
Arrive: Kristianstad C Station @ 10:41am
Lodgings: First Hotel Christian IV, Kristianstad

06:00am - Arrive Stockholm C Rail Station
11:00am - Arrive Kristianstad C Rail Station
11:30am - Early Check-In:
First Hotel Christian IV
12:3opm - Lunch w/ Other Wedding Guests
02:00pm - Tove's Walking Tour of Kristianstad

5 May: Kristianstad/Bäckaskogslott (Sweden)

Lodgings: Bäckaskogslott (The Bäckaskog Castle)

09:00am - Breakfast w/ Wedding Guests
10:00am - Check-Out: First Hotel Christian IV
12:00pm - Check-In:
Bäckaskogslott (The Bäckaskog Castle)

Tonio & Tove's Wedding & Reception

6 May: Bäckaskogslott/Kristianstad (Sweden) /
Copenhagen (Denmark) /Cologne-Bonn

Rail Info: SJ Öresundståg 1031
Depart: Kristianstad C Rail Station @ 07:17am
Arrive: Kobenhavn H Rail Station @ 09:17am

Flight Info:
Scandinavia Airlines SK641
Depart: Copenhagen Kastrup Airport @ 05:00pm
Arrive: Cologne/Bonn Airport @ 06:20pm

Lodgings: Vivien's Flat in Bonn

06:30am - Check-Out:
07:00am - Arrive Kristianstad C Rail Station
09:30am - Arrive Copenhagen H Rail Station
10:00am - Boat/Canal Tour of Copenhagan
11:15 am - Walking Tour of Copenhagen
01:00pm - Lunch @
Cafeen Nikolaj
02:30pm - Take Rail to Kastrup Airport
03:00pm - Check-In:
Scandinavia Airlines SK641
06:30pm - Arrive: Cologne /Bonn Airport
07:30pm - Meet Vivien @ Baggage Claims

7 May: Bonn (Germany)

Lodgings: Vivien's Flat

Tour of Bonn with Vivien!!

8 May: Bonn (Germany)

Lodgings: Vivien's Flat

09:oo am - Explore Bonn
11:00 am -
Visit the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany) in Bonn showcasing the exhibition "Egypt’s Sunken Treasures”
5:oo pm - Dinner w/ Vivien

9 May: Bonn (Germany)/London (England)/San Francisco (USA)

Rail Info: Germany InterCity Express Rail
Depart: Bonn @ 07:30am
Arrive: Frankfurt Airport @ 08:30am

Flight Info: British Airways Flt903
Depart: Frankfurt Airport @ 11:20am
Arrive: Heathrow (London) @ 12:00pm

Flight Info: British Airways FLT287
Depart: Heathrow (London) @ 01:50pm
Arrive: San Francisco @ 04:40pm

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