Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advice for Rome...

In honor of my kid brothers having a Roman holiday next week, I thought I would post some travel notes. My colleague, Ginger, gives this advice for travelers going to Rome:

1) When you visit the Coliseum, buy the tickets to the Forum. There is a separate (very short) line for the Forum. The ticket gets you into both the Forum and Coliseum, and you don't have to wait on the 4 hour line for Coliseum tickets.

2) Try the Pizza Dolche, if you can find it.

3) If you visit The Pantheon, eat at the restaurant with the outside tables (apparently you need to try the gnocchi and sage)

4) If you go to the Vatican, do the guided Vatican tour... its worth it. (And the non-vatican tours are bogus.) Keep in mind, if you look at every piece of art at the Vatican for one minute each, you'd be there for 7 years...

5) "Don't be afraid to do all the regular touristy stuff because it is UNBELIEVABLE!!"

(PLEASE NOTE: Photo posted is from another blog.)

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